Power Sources

The publication guides trough the solos show "Power Sources" at Art Tower Mito and documents carefully the following installations: Handy God, Nursery, Sweet Little Nothing, Lymphatic System, Tear Reader, The 4 Waters, Logic of Beauty, Lift-up, Microcosm, Energy Fields, Souls, Walking Bushes.

With texts from:
- Sayako Kadowaki (Curator, Contemporary Art Tower Mito): Seeing the Forest Between the Trees and the Beginning of the World Between the Stars
- Hiroya Ichikawa (a researcher in ykai, Japanese monstrous being study): Contemporary Tsukumogami: Permanence and Portability
- J.G.Ballard: The Crystal World
- Shoyo Yoshimura (assistant head monk, Hachiyasan Fumonji temple, Soto Sect of Zen Buddhism): What is Value?
- Aya Homei (University of Manchester Wellcome Trust Fellow, History of Medicine): What A History of the "Lymphatic System"
- Jonathan Cainer (Astrologer): We Have Not Yet Shed Enough Tears?
- Bruno Binggeli (Astronomer/Basel University): Cosmic Beauty: Between Symmetry and Asymmetry
- Satoshi Furukawa (Astronaut): When Your Feet Leave the Ground
- Blaise Pascal: Pense

Size: 28cm X 22cm
128 pages
japanese / english

ISBN 978-4-943825-98-2
Publisher: Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito
1-6-8 Gokencho, Mito, Ibaraki 310-0063 Japan
31. Mrz 2012